Amazing New-Zealand – South Island – Part II

Tuesday 1st of December – Rob Roy Glacier and Queenstown

As for most days, there was no time to waste, we were up early to do one of the hike I was looking for doing since I started planned this trip: Rob Roy Glacier in Mount Aspiring National Park. We stopped first at Lake Wanaka first to enjoy a coffee and to satisfy our addiction to social media and the digital life for a brief moment. Then we continued driving to the west for an hour along the river and the Matukituki valley. We had to took a 30km drive on gravel road traversing several farms, small fjords and creeks with our mighty Hikaru Sulu. The idea of turning back came to our mind, after all we were not driving a 4WD but a car, but this was not a good enthusiastic explorer option, so we continued through the water.

We began the hike at a swing bridge after walking through a valley and farm land. The scenery was already stunning with the snow covered peaks, endless valley with ton of sheeps, beech forest and blue rivers.

20151201_100259 20151201_094136

NewZealand South Island 074 NewZealand South Island 075 NewZealand South Island 076 NewZealand South Island 079NewZealand South Island 077 NewZealand South Island 078

The hike itself was very enjoyable and relatively easy. The day was gorgeous and not too hot. There were only very few people doing the walk that day so this made the place even more special. The track climbed along the Rob Roy stream through a magnificent beech forest and changed slowly to alpine vegetation. Arrived at the lower view of the glacier, we had our first glance at Rob Roy glacier. We continued our way to the upper part of the track to get a closer view of the glacier. During winter, this part of the track is subject to avalanche but at this time of the year it was all fine. Arrived at the end, we paused for a good 20min to make sure we enjoyed the splendid and serene atmosphere of the place before heading back down. The whole walking track took about 3h to complete. It was worth every minute.

NewZealand South Island 080 NewZealand South Island 084 NewZealand South Island 085 NewZealand South Island 086 NewZealand South Island 087 NewZealand South Island 088 NewZealand South Island 089We drove back to Lake Wanaka to have a late lunch in front of the lake. The clouds were taking over the sky but we were still lucky as it was not raining. We sat down and relaxed at the lake. Few locals were enjoying a swim in the lake. The idea of immersing myself in that cold water didn’t cross my mind at all!

NewZealand South Island 090There was a lot of other walks to do in the area but unfortunately we could stay any longer without missing on other great stuff we wanted to do. Therefore, after lunch we continued our way toward Queenstown through the Crown Road Range for about an hour. We stopped in ArrowTown before getting to our destination to check out the old gold mining town and walk around the old settlement.

NewZealand South Island 091 NewZealand South Island 092 NewZealand South Island 093 NewZealand South Island 094

In Queenstown, we first found a place to stay for the two next nights. We stayed a Q-Box Motor, a caravan/holidays park. This was okay and about 15min walk from the city center which suited our needs. We explored Queenstown and looked out for checking the possible activities and planning the following day. There is a very large list of activities to do around Queenstown, well known as an extreme sport center with the highest bungy jumping in the world and crazy canyon swings. All being very entertaining (and super expensive) we opted for white rafting on the Shotover river and the city sky luge. Several hundreds dollars lighter, we then embarked on a walking tour of the pretty lake front town and then stopped for dinner at a local brewery named “Smiths” and tasted great chocolate stout beer and burgers. One of the very few night out we had in a restaurant in fact!

NewZealand South Island 095 NewZealand South Island 096 NewZealand South Island 097 NewZealand South Island 098

12279073_10156306778625608_1779334269199069071_n 12289634_10156306778620608_6856335552460108945_n

Wednesday 2nd of December – Queenstown

We started off this full action day with a white water rafting experience on the Shotover river. The sun was already shinning and the sky was clear, great. The bus trip to get to the rafting base took us in a very narrow and winding road through canyons and mountains. Just the single way road itself was an adventure. Remains of gold mining equipment was lying next to the river bed reminder us of the 19th century gold rush era. They left it there for historic purpose. Then, after a short briefing we boarded our raft and started descending the river. The scenery was again spectacular. It was Gabby first time doing rafting so she was a bit unsure of what to expect, but as we started, this apprehension was quickly mastered and joy took place over fear. The river took us through a series of grade 3 and 4 rapids to finally finish with a really nice and long tunnel. It was quite fun, although Gabby tough I would have been more challenging has an experience.

NewZealand South Island 099 NewZealand South Island 100 NewZealand South Island 101 NewZealand South Island 102 NewZealand South Island 103 NewZealand South Island 104 NewZealand South Island 105 NewZealand South Island 108

We had lunch at the cafe next to Shotover river. Then we boarded the bus back to Queenstown and took the gondola up to the City Sky Luge. I first saw the luge thing from the great Canadian traveling TV show “Departures” with Scott and Justin and I was looking forward to try that out. We had 3 runs down and it was very amusing and the view was spectacular.

NewZealand South Island 110 NewZealand South Island 113 NewZealand South Island 115 NewZealand South Island 116 NewZealand South Island 118 NewZealand South Island 119

Probably because of all the driving, I was slightly exhausted after all this, so we lied down at the lake front and rested there for a moment, while Gabby was imagining herself trying hand-gliding. For the rest of the day, we simply walked around Queenstown, checked botanical garden and enjoyed the beautiful day.  If you ever have the chance, put Queenstown on your bucket list, and make sure you save some money before… 😉

NewZealand South Island 121 NewZealand South Island 122 NewZealand South Island 123 NewZealand South Island 124 NewZealand South Island 127 NewZealand South Island 128

Thursday 3rd of December – Lake Te Anau and Fiordland National Park

We took the road toward Te Anau in the morning where the first part of the drive was quite scenic to the edge of Lake Wakatipu. The clouds covered the sky and soon it started to rain. This was not a great time for rain as today I did plan some great hikes in the Fiordland national park on the West Coast. We reached the township of Te Anau around 11am and we stopped at the visitor center for a coffee and to buy some supply and check what the weather would be for the day. Good new is that there was a chance that the rain would clear out so we decided to continue our way in the national park and try out the RouteBurn Great Walking Track while getting closer to our destination for the coming day at Milford Sounds. I noticed a familiar accent near the café and we met 3 young Québécois. We talked for a little bit and shared with them our plan for the day.

Back on the road, we continued toward our destination but we stopped at many beautiful and colorful site seeing points along the Eglinton River (Mirror Lakes, Walker Creek, etc).  It stopped raining and the day was clearing out slowly, which was great when you plan to do a long hike!

NewZealand South Island 130 NewZealand South Island 131 NewZealand South Island 132 NewZealand South Island 134 NewZealand South Island 135NewZealand South Island 136We arrived at the Divide Shelter about an hour and half from Te Anau (85km) where the RouteBurn walking track began. We made lunch, and kept it safe from the Keas!

Then  prepared ourselves to do the Key Summit, Howden Hut and Earland Falls track for a total of about 6-7 hours. We also did meet again with the Québécois and we did a good part of the hike together. The walk started by ascending slowly through the lush and temperate rain forest. Then, the view started to open pass the junction with Key Summit where the forest was leaving it places for a panorama of alpine lakes and Fiordland mountains.  This was truly amazing.

NewZealand South Island 140 NewZealand South Island 141 NewZealand South Island 142 NewZealand South Island 144 NewZealand South Island 145 NewZealand South Island 146 NewZealand South Island 147 NewZealand South Island 148

Back in the rainforest, we continued our way to Howden hut and then to the Earland Falls. A massive amount of water was falling from the 174m waterwall. I tried to stand in front and take a few good pictures but the force of the waterfall and the wind was just to strong. I was completely wet in less than 10 seconds! We decided to come back after reaching the waterfall as it would be getting late. In fact, we got back to the car park around 8pm, but it wasn’t getting dark until 9:30-10pm!!! How great is it to be able to enjoy long days like this (in Brisbane it is dark at 6:30pm….even in summer)!!!

NewZealand South Island 279 NewZealand South Island 278

We only had the drive about 15min to get to the Cascade Creek Camping site for the night. The camp site was quite busy but it was really nice and open, and moreover it was only an hour away from Milford Sound, another superb location where they filmed part of Lord of the Rings. We made dinner quickly while the temperature was dropping as the sun went down. It was probably the coldest night we had that night, around 5 Celcius I would think, but the mighty Hikaru Zulu was all well prepared for that. We simply put an extra sleeping back on and we slept like babies.

NewZealand South Island 150 NewZealand South Island 151

You don’t want to travel all the way to New Zealand to witness the beauty of the scenery? No problem, make sure you check out the RouteBurn Track on Google Street View!

To be continued….

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Amazing New-Zealand – South Island – Part I

NewZealand South Island 051That’s it! We finally made our trip to the South Island of New-Zealand. If you have at least a tiny interested to the great outdoor, it is without any hesitation that we are recommending that you put this fabulous destination on your travel bucket list, preferably at the top!

I have spend several hours (40h+) to plan this trip inside out so that we could maximise our time there , learn about the highlights and the different places to checkout based on our preferences and construct a itinerary that make sense.

We left Brisbane (BNE) around 6pm on the 27th of November for a quick 3 hours flights to arrive in Christchurch (CHC) at midnight. After clearing immigration, which unfortunately took a while…, our trip officially began. First note: Taxi rides in New-Zealand are quite expensive and Uber isn’t available on the South Island so it may worth planning your logistic well to minimise the need for cabs.

Saturday 28th of November – Leaving Christchurch toward the West Coast through Arthur Pass

We woke up at 7am and after a quick and pricey taxi ride, we took possession of our new mighty home named “Hikaru Sulu” from Spaceships in Christchurch that would be our close companion for the next 11 days. After stopping for supply (read: gas, food, wine, beers!), we took the road toward the West Coast through Arthur Pass.

Some 100km away from the city, our first stop was Castle Hill, a short walk in Kura Tawhiti Conservation Area where some scenes of the famous movie “Lord of the Rings” were filmed. The place was filled with weathered limestone formations, some towering as high as 10 meters. We were actually quite impressed for a first stop of the day!

NewZealand South Island 001 NewZealand South Island 002 NewZealand South Island 003 NewZealand South Island 004

We then stopped at Arthur Pass to check out some possible walks. It started to rain quite heavily so I only did the Devil’s Punchbowl waterfall walks. Enough to get very wet but the view was worth it still.

NewZealand South Island 263Then we continued our way toward the West Coast and passed through the town of Greymouth to the Rapahoe Bay Holiday Park to check for availability for the night. The place was good and by the coast. At that point around 6:30pm, it stopped raining and the sky was clearing up. We drove to our next destination, the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes near Punakaiki in Paparoa National Park. This place has couple of beautiful short walks on the west coast. We did check the Pancake Rocks (see picture to get why they call it that way!) and the Truman walk. Both we’re totally worth it.

NewZealand South Island 012 NewZealand South Island 011 NewZealand South Island 010 NewZealand South Island 009 NewZealand South Island 008 NewZealand South Island 007

It was around 8pm and the sun was still shining bright, we drove back to the camp site for the night and stopped along the winding coastal road for few amazing photos. Back at the camp, we made dinner and had a drinks on the beach watching sunset. It was a really good and full pack first day covering around 300km, 4 walks and amazing scenery.

NewZealand South Island 016 NewZealand South Island 017 NewZealand South Island 018 NewZealand South Island 019

Sunday 29th of November – Glaciers & Lake Matheson

We woke up early to make the most of the sunny day ahead of us visiting our fist glaciers in the south hemisphere of the world. The Frank Joseph and Fox glaciers are unique relics of the last ice age few thousands of year ago. Mighty rivers of solid white, tumbling down ice through deep rock valley. Apparently, no where else in the world glaciers advanced so close to the sea at this latitude, although nowadays, the retreated quite a bit with among other the consequence of climate change.

The road and the scenery was spectacular along the coast. Our first stop was Frank Joseph Glacier. We first stopped in the township to check for helicopter hike trips over the glaciers. We were aware of the incident few weeks back that resulted of the dead of few tourist due to the bad weather, however, considering the number of trips they do day after day and the perfect weather, we were quite keen to do the adventure, which seemed quite unique to us! Unfortunately, everything was booked out for the day so we booked the earliest trip the next morning to Fox Glacier. Ouch, this was really expensive, 400$ per person but hey, you only live once and climbing a glacier and exploring deep blue ice cave after an helicopter ride in these mountains seemed something extraordinary.

We drive toward one of the walk to do to check out the Frank Joseph Glacier. There was few short walks to do but unfortunately, due to the rain the path was flooded to get intimate with the bed of the valley where the glacier lie.

NewZealand South Island 022 NewZealand South Island 023

We then continued our way to Fox Glacier some 30min away. We had a quick lunch in the touristic township and then drove to do some short walks to check out the glacier in hope we could get more intimate this time with the last ice age! There was a really nice blue pool next to the parking. We were a bit rebellious and passed the first gate blocking masses of tourist away and continued close up to the glacier.

NewZealand South Island 024 NewZealand South Island 025 NewZealand South Island 026 NewZealand South Island 027

By the time we were done with this wonderful place for today, the clouds were back. Our next stop was lake Matheson. Lake Matheson is a famous picture spot. On clear day without wind, there is a perfect reflection of the snowy covered mountain in the lake. However, we didn’t have that luck but we couldn’t complain. We did the 1.5h walk around the lake. It was rather pleasant.

NewZealand South Island 028 NewZealand South Island 029 NewZealand South Island 030 NewZealand South Island 031

We headed down to Gillespie Beach for the night not too far from Lake Matheson. One of the camp site maintained by the department of conservation (DOC). We bough a 7 days camping pass with them for 40$ that gives access to most park maintained by them. Gillespie beach was really good, although the 21km gravel road to get there was quite  sketchy. We were also lucky to get one of the last available spot as this place was pretty crowded, understandably. On one side, you have the ocean with a perfect view of the sunset and on the other you have that great view of snow covered peaks. We enjoyed every last minutes of that sun set that evening.

NewZealand South Island 032 NewZealand South Island 033 NewZealand South Island 035 NewZealand South Island 036 NewZealand South Island 038 NewZealand South Island 039

Monday 30th of November – Glacier Hike & Lake Wanaka

We didn’t stay very long in the morning as we were literally eaten alive by all the sandflies (mix of a mosquito and fruit fly, very annoying), so we drove back to the township for breakfast and coffee awaiting our departure for the helicopter hike. The group of tourists was broken down into 4 different groups as the helicopters could carry 6 passengers each. With each person paying 400$ and with 2-3 departures time each day based on weather, this seems to me to be a very lucrative industry. Although, that being said, the weather has been terrible lately so they could not fly that much. So as to speak, we were lucky. They weighted every person and every group in preparation for the flight, gave us a briefing and we were on our way. It took only 10min to get on the glacier. The view was of course spectacular and it was my first experience in an helicopter.

NewZealand South Island 042 NewZealand South Island 043 NewZealand South Island 044 NewZealand South Island 045 NewZealand South Island 046 NewZealand South Island 047 NewZealand South Island 053 NewZealand South Island 055 NewZealand South Island 057 NewZealand South Island 058 NewZealand South Island 061 NewZealand South Island 062

NewZealand South Island 269 NewZealand South Island 271

The view on the glacier was stunning. The deep intense blue of the ice was impressive and mesmerising. We walked through some small cave and around the glacier. The hike itself was to our liking a bit slow due to the group of tourists that were not necessary hiking “aficionados ” but rather selfie stick picture seeker but the adventure was still very memorable and unique. The whole duration was about 4 hours. Back to the base, we went back to the car and start driving all the way toward Lake Wanaka some 220km away. As we were getting use to, the road and the scenery was again amazing through the Haast pass.

The drive was really nice. We stopped at Knight Point Lookout and few other random location to enjoy the view and take few pictures and we did the Blue Pools Walk in Mount Aspiring National park (60min return).  Arrived at the North of Lake Wanaka, it was getting late and we decided to camp at Boundary Creek campsite before reaching Wanaka and to wake up earlier the next day to reach our next destination. The camp site was really nice at the border of the lake. Once more we checked sun set over the mountain while having a nice beer (Mac’s Porter – very good!) and made dinner…. with day light at 9:00pm.

NewZealand South Island 064 NewZealand South Island 065 NewZealand South Island 066 NewZealand South Island 067 NewZealand South Island 068 NewZealand South Island 069 NewZealand South Island 070 NewZealand South Island 071 NewZealand South Island 072 NewZealand South Island 073 NewZealand South Island 272To be continued…

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Annual year review 2014 and goal setting for 2015

Annual_Review2014Good day! 4 weeks have passed already, but I really want to wish you a wonderful and happy new year 2015!

I really hope you did have a good break for the holidays and you used that time to recharge your energy and spend valuable time with family &  friends or any other way that matters to you. For us this year, we didn’t have the luck to have the family visiting us neither for us to visit family but we did have a really good time in Tasmania.

It has been now more than 4 years we have moved to Australia (Nov 2010). This has been a great experience so far with its ups and downs but to be entirely honest with you all and ourselves and for thus who have followed our adventure and challenges, you know it has been an exciting experience with definitely more good stuff than bad. We love Australia. It fits our values and our desire for an outdoor lifestyle and it brings an incredible quality of life. I have found the following articles quite funny and interesting about moving to Australia (or overseas).

The big question is how long we intent to stay here? Well, that’s difficult question to answer as we never really know. First even if we live in a global world, it is not true that it is easy to cross borders and settle somewhere easily. You will notice how easy for various products and consumables to cross border but unfortunately for a human beings there is always many consideration and gatekeepers to consider, the most notable being immigration. Therefore, for now our situation in Australia remain completely dependent on having employment for a work sponsor and this result in living in a precarious situation in time of market & business volatility. Second, it is definitely difficult to live so far away from family and friends. Unfortunately, I have low expectations in having anyone to move here to facilitate this! You are more than welcome to challenge this belief and surprise us!

Back to the main topic of this post, it has been over 4 years now that I started doing more active thinking and writing about the year that has just finished and look ahead for the next one. This exercise particularly useful to get clarity about my own life direction, achieve my long term goals and to plan and take appropriate action to change the course of of what’s remaining of my life. The concept was originally taken from from Chris Guillebeau’s book on the “Art of non-conformity“.

You are capable of more than you’ve ever imagined. ”

– Thoreau

Annual Review

The annual review process being by focusing on what went well in 2014. This can be done using the goals you set yourself on previous years or by overlooking at the general themes that matters to you.  You then examine what could be improved. The result will surely help you with the process of being intentional about your choices in the following year(s) and maybe draw a first set of actions for change.

General review – 2014:

What went well – highlights ?

Overall, 2014 has been another positive one for us. Again, there was a lot of traveling involved, hiking, diving and all sort of activities as this how we decided to live our life. I have accomplished my big project Hike for Life and raised near 3000$ for Breast Cancer along with the commitment of great friends. We have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895m over a 7 days hiking trip, moreover we have done a lifetime experience safari and a great time in Zanzibar in Tanzania. Later we visited Singapore for few days.

Another big highlight is that we have got engaged during our trip in Singapore. The big day isn’t fully determined yet but that will be in early 2016.

We have explored more of Australia with two 10 days road trip in Western Australia and Tasmania (the next logical step to Tanzania isn’t?) and spent few days in Melbourne (Great Ocean road) early 2014 and Canberra and Sydney last weekend, but technically this count as 2015! This leave only one state to visit (South Australia) and few major locations to visit such as Adelaide and Darwin. There is still a lot of other smaller places to check out like Lady Eliot Island of course but we are doing pretty good so far. We know more of Australia than most Australians!

On the down side of things, at the end of the year I had a stressful time. I have been made redundant at work along with the remaining of my few colleagues that survived the difficult economic situation here in QLD. Fortunately, I have secured recently a new position with another company so we can stay in Australia, at least until September 2015 where my current visa expires. As a result of being made redundant, I had unfortunately to withdraw our permanent residency application in Australia, which was somewhat “hearth breaking” considering the amount of time, paperwork frustration and all the money invested (~8000$). We will have to start all over again this year as there is no way to keep the application under a different sponsor. If you never had the experience, I can tell you the immigration gatekeepers and its bureaucracy is the most painful one of all.

Otherwise, on a daily basis I think we both managed to increase our general health and well-being.

  • We both now ride our bikes to work everyday (that’s around 2500km every year!)
  • We both went to the gym regularly
  • We both run regularly and I did complete a half-marathon (21km) run earlier in 2014

What could be improved?

  • We started off running at South Bank Park Run in Brisbane earlier this year. Actually, it worth to say, Gabriela started and I joined her later. It is only a 5km run, but it goes on every Saturday morning at 7am. Needless to say you need to be quite motivated to wake up at 6am on Saturday morning. We have been around 13-14 times this year but we have been unavailable and also more lazy recently so we need to get back to it.
  • I ran an half-marathon which is great but it took me 2 hours and 11 minutes to complete it because of painful leg cramps. This is above the mental mark of 2 hours I have given myself with all the training I have done last year.
  • Professionally, it has been a difficult year.  With the current market situation in QLD and globally in the extractive sector (e.g. with the commodity prices falling), the business atmosphere is for managing and reducing cost. Consequently, this impacted largely finding new projects or securing new scope of work. With major project work being completed in 2014, we had to let go a lot of people so the work environment declined through the year until we reach new bottom after new bottom. In the positive side of things, I took over informally many new responsibilities and learned massively. Gabriela managed to secure another contract with the company she works for until the end of 2015, which is great again considering the current business environment.
  • I often got frustrated and failed to appreciate my circumstances. As the main picture suggest, I should learn to enjoy more small and simple moment of happiness and focus on the positive side of things. Therefore a subtle shifts in perception could transform life and help deal better with feeling such as fear, anger, or pain.

Some lesson learned:

  • We can always choose to perceive things differently. We can focus on what’s wrong in our life, or we can focus on what’s right. It’s up to us to feed the right wolf.
  • Yet again, in most situation it is not possible to control all possible outcomes. However it worth being aware of what’s going on and ensuring that do your best to control  internal factors while engaging and mitigating external ones outside of your control. This way, you maximise your chance of having the best outcome for you and avoiding regrets. In other words, in any situation, do your part and for what you can’t control, don’t over-think and worry about it.
  • Managing stress is important and I am still not the best to manage it. I tend to become irritable, frustrated and sometime demotivated. Don’t let that happen to you for too long and find a way to balance it (like the gym!).
  • Something probably more personal, but I find it difficult to maintain relationship with a large social circle. At least, what I know for me is that I found it more valuable to focus and deepen fewer but mutually beneficial relationships rather than having many superficial ones.

General goals – 2015:

Here are the two main goals and objectives for 2015.

  • Stability and security
    • Settle in my new role
    • Permanent Residency in Australia
    • Build up some savings
    • Organise our wedding for 2016
  • Strong focus on healthy and well-being – physically and mentally
    • Continue to challenge myself physically – participate and complete a Though Mudder race and keep running at the South Bank Park run regularly.
    • Continue to challenge myself intellectually – participate and complete a university Massive open online course (MOOC) in spanish using Coursera.
    • Maintain a strong focus on health prevention (eating healthy, lot of organic & greens).
    • Allow more time for small moment to wind up and chill out, breath.

Here are the review and goal settings for each important theme for me.


Learning is really something that motivates and energizes me. It sparks creativity and dreams. I like the challenge and the feeling of learning something new, making progress towards something, improving.


  • I did read two great books this year:
    • Al Gore – The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change
    • Al Gore – Assault on reason
  • I completed the study group earlier in 2014 and finally obtained the Certified Business Analyst Professional™ certification last weekend on January 20th 2015.


  • A new job involve a lot of learning, therefore this should be interesting.
  • Looking to complete a course in Spanish via Coursera, an online MOOC platform with courses from University from all over the world.
  • Listen to at least one TED show each week.
  • Reading one or two other books on sustainability, business or politics.


Until you retire or achieve financial independence or maybe live in a tribe (!), your job remains where you spend most of your time and provide you with the necessary financial support for a living and the means to accomplish few dreams like traveling. Therefore, it is important not only that you like and that you grow in what you do but also that you maintain your competitive advantage. This is especially important when being a foreigner in a challenging market where laws would often favor locals first (which is understandable).


  • Lot of experience gained in Management, Stakeholder Engagement & Management, Project Management, Office Management and even Tendering process


  • CBAP™ certification
  • Looking to settled in my new role as a Senior BA with a new organisation.
  • Take every opportunity to develop further leadership and project/program management experience.
  • Perhaps resuming the PRINCE2 certification.

Travel :

Traveling has been once again the major highlight of 2014 and this was great. We visited 2 new countries! We have a very long list of place we would like to go, such as Turkey, Jordan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos in South East Asia or even Camp Everest in Nepal but for this coming year, major travel  won’t be the focus. Weekends get away will represent most of the trips and if the budget and the time allows, perhaps one week for the South Island of New Zealand or Fijis but it is not a high priority for now.


  • Australia: Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road, Perth & Western Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and Sydney.
  • Africa : Tanzania (Trek to Mount Kilimanjaro, Safari in the Serengeti and Zanzibar)
  • Singapore


  • New-Zealand perhaps?


Strengthening our finance is one of the focus of this year as we are looking into getting married in Mexico in 2016 and probably some other big traveling trips following that. Also, we will re-apply for the residence in Australia.


  • Shares aren’t doing very well once more and the Australian dollar tumbled to 5 years low as compare to the USD/CAN. And this is expected to even worsen.
  • Loss of revenue from being redundant wasn’t a good news before Christmas .
  • Loss of investment for the Australian permanent residency through work sponsor (~8,000$)
  • Still looking into investing in an investment property  or another appreciating asset (long term goal of the ultimate goal of financial independence).


  • Securing quickly a new position reduced the damage from the loss of revenue from unemployment.
  • Still looking into building financial independence (ex: long term appreciating asset)
  • Putting some savings aside for the next year

Friends & Family:

Last year started great when my family visited me in Australia.  Since then, we maintained close contact online, which is something I value being constrained by the physical distance. Also maintained good contact with friends back home too. Our social circle in Brisbane is pretty strong too now, a lot of great people and always tons of activities. Would be great to visit Canada this year but the chance are slim with the new work and the plan for next year.


  • Family reunion in Australia during last year was extraordinary.
  • Strengthen my social network in Brisbane.
  • Kept a good contact with my closest friends through Skype.
  • Wrote periodically in my blog.


  • Focus on the strongest mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Strengthen my social network in Brisbane
  • Keep maintaining a good contact with my closest friends and family regularly through Skype.
  • Continue to write periodically in my blog.

Health & Lifestyle:

This year have been pretty strong on this key aspect of my life. Reached few goals too. Perhaps the only negative side was that I had couple of issues with my back which needed few visit to the chiropractor. Also, stress management could also be improved.


  • Ran an half marathon
  • Went to the gym quite often and regularly, got back in shape.
  • Lot of hiking to train for the Kilimanjaro
  • Maintain strong and healthy lifestyle, eating even more organic.
  • Maintained my own (small) organic garden.
  • Juicing 3 times a week (vegetables, fruits)
  • Went about 14 times to run the South Bank Park Run, 5km every Saturday morning 7am.


  • Improve stress management
  • Keep going to the gym at least 3 times a week.
  • Keep doing the South Bank Park Run
  • Complete either the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder

Community engagement:


  • I organised only 1 event for the Alumni club this year, the hockey match between Canada and United States.
  • Fund raising for my project Hike for Life with 2 charity organisations. We raised near 3000$, over our objective of 2500$. For which I donated over 300$ and wrote many articles on cancer awareness & prevention.
  • Ice bucket challenge at Noosa although my donation went to Medecin Sans Frontiere to support the Ebola crisis. I then register for monthly donation.
  • Donated and supported few causes liked the People March for Climate in Brisbane and initiative for GMO Labelling.


  • Organise 1 or 2 events for the Alumni club.
  • Volonteer for the South Bank Park Run.



  • Cycled to work almost every day this year. (This saves about 1.3 tonnes greenhouse gas emissions each year over driving a car).
  • Paid to carbon offset of all my flights
  • Bought local and organic as much as  I can


  • All of the above +
  • Switch lightning to LED
  • Switch to chemical free cleaning product

Well, this has been a very long post. If you’ve read this far, thanks for your indulgence. It’s my strongest hope that something I share will be useful to you as you plan your own life and goals.

Speaking of that, how about you? How was your year?


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