Hike for Life An Incredible journey to Africa – Part III The Beach

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Following our challenge that we completed to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro, our tired bodies were guiding us naturally toward a more relaxing week in a calm and peaceful scenery. What’s better than beautiful beaches and turquoise water to accomplish this!

August 11th – Transfer to Zanzibar

We flew that day from Kilimanjaro Airport to Zanzibar. Benoît and Eloise had left earlier in the morning and Komivi, Gabby and myself took another flight later in the afternoon. We arrived in Zanzibar around 7pm at night and already had our driver awaiting us at the Airport. We drove through the Island from the West to the East coast up to a small fishing and kitesurfing village named Paje. The air was definitely warmer and more humid than the previous week inland. The scenery was also quite different as Zanzibar is Muslim compared to the main land which is more mixed and mostly Christian.

We reach our accommodation, Hakuna Shida Guesthouse, in Paje around 9pm and went out nearby to explore the beach at night and we had few drinks and dinner at the bar next door (Paje by Night). The place ran by expats, was quite nice and modern, although it was relatively quiet with only few travelers were sipping their drinks.

August 12th – Zanzibar – East side- Paje

We woke up after a good night of sleep to the side of the beautiful white beaches of the Indian Ocean. This part of the trip wasn’t particularly planned ahead and the next couple of days were not really organized, we had only a list of few highlights to checkout.

Tanzania Zanzibar 020We had breakfast at the guest house and met with Jorge the Peruvian hotel manager and went by the beach to see the surrounding and checkout things to do for the next couple of days. The beach was magnificent. It was low tide and the shore was going far into the sea. The water was warm and the breeze also was. It was good! There were few kite-surfers around grasping every pocket of air and shattering the waves.

Tanzania Zanzibar 007 Tanzania Zanzibar 004 Tanzania Zanzibar 002 Tanzania Zanzibar 003

We were quite productive for a relaxing day and organised the next day dive trip, we booked a blue safari tour. Inspired by the action going on outside Benoit booked a session of kite surfing. We also organised a BBQ on the beach and rented a car to go around and explore the big island, everything was negotiated intensively with Komivi our African expert!

We took the car and went visiting the Jozani Forest for its Red Columbus Monkeys and the mangroves and forest about half an hour away from Paje to the West.  A local guide brought us in the forest where we could observe these monkeys, who can only be found on Zanzibar. Another interesting feature of the place was that the ground was covered with old coral stones. This indicates that Zanzibar was at some stage in history under the sea level. The forest was nice and dense. We drove back to Paje afterward and stop by the  supermarket to get some booze for the BBQ on the beach.

Tanzania Zanzibar 017 Tanzania Zanzibar 016 Tanzania Zanzibar 015 Tanzania Zanzibar 014 Tanzania Zanzibar 013 Tanzania Zanzibar 012 Tanzania Zanzibar 011 Tanzania Zanzibar 010

Tanzania Zanzibar 126As promised by the local fishermen, they prepared a fresh seafood BBQ and spice rice for us on the beach. It was honestly really nice! Food was delicious and fresh and the ambiance given the  fire on the beach was awesome. We stayed for some time discussing with the local and exchanging on culture. We appreciated the fact that Paje was still at the early stage of touristic development and the sentiment of the locals toward tourists in general were still really good, bringing a little economic boost to the place but without transforming it tremendously, at least as of yet.

 Tanzania Zanzibar 127Tanzania Zanzibar 008

August 13th – Zanzibar – East side – Paje – Diving

We had breakfast and then Benoît went masterising the art of kitesurfing. In the meantime, we decided to go and explore the south eastern coast of Zanzibar. We drove for about half an hour on the coast and parked in a small village. We then walked on the beach exploring the local area. The beach was really nice. Tide was low, villagers where fishing and collecting shells on the beach.

Tanzania Zanzibar 001 Tanzania Zanzibar 009 Tanzania Zanzibar 029 Tanzania Zanzibar 028 Tanzania Zanzibar 026 Tanzania Zanzibar 025 Tanzania Zanzibar 024 Tanzania Zanzibar 023 Tanzania Zanzibar 022 Tanzania Zanzibar 027 Tanzania Zanzibar 130 Tanzania Zanzibar 132 Tanzania Zanzibar 131 Tanzania Zanzibar 129

We drove back to Paje just in time for the Diving trip we booked with Buccaneers Diving. The sea was getting more agitated as we were riding away from the shore. The first dive was good but not exceptional. Corals were nice, plenty of fishes and the visibility was great, but nothing I haven’t see in my previous dives in Australia, Vanuatu, Indonesia or PNG (which are all diving paradise, so our standards are high!). The sea was getting more choppy and we were all starting to feel it. I was probably the worst among the 4 of us, as usual. After an hour of surface time between our 2 dives getting hammered by the waves, we finally got in back to the water. The water was still quite agitated and a jelly fish stun Gabby. We panicked a little not knowing what type it was and the dive master wasn’t really caring too much. We descended in the water quickly where the situation improved significantly. The dive was very similar to the previous one with a big wall. Even down at 15m we could feel the sea moving. We completed our dive and went back to the boat. We took off our gear and got back to quieter water as we were approaching the coast.

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO Tanzania Zanzibar 005

Tanzania Zanzibar 138We met with Komivi back at the beach and went preparing for our second BBQ on the beach with Captain Kitete. He prepared us a nice BBQ too with another fire on the beach. Some of his friends joined and played music with us, drum and guitar. We also meet with another guy from Vancouver, Canada. A mountain tour guide who climbed the Everest and the K2 several time. Quite impressive. It was another good night.

Tanzania Zanzibar 030August 14th – Zanzibar – South West side – Blue Safari

For the next day, we had booked a tour for a Blue Safari on the South West side of the Island. We departed with few other people in a Dhow boat, a traditional sailing vessels with one or more masts with lateen sails used in the Indian Ocean region. To the contrary of the previous day, the sea was really quiet and the ride was enjoyable. The colour of the sea was beautiful.

Tanzania Zanzibar 037 Tanzania Zanzibar 033 Tanzania Zanzibar 035 Tanzania Zanzibar 031 Tanzania Zanzibar 036 Tanzania Zanzibar 101 Tanzania Zanzibar 100 Tanzania Zanzibar 099

The tour was including few Island visits. The first was a sand bank. It was quite nice but heavily visited by tourist. We did some snorkeling. The next one was larger, with interesting features, such as a very old and massive baobab tree and nice coral reefs. The effect of the tides over time on the islands was stunning. Rock were carved by the sea, at the point that you would have trouble understanding how some of the smaller rocks could still remain standing!

Tanzania Zanzibar 107 Tanzania Zanzibar 106 Tanzania Zanzibar 105 Tanzania Zanzibar 104 Tanzania Zanzibar 103 Tanzania Zanzibar 102 Tanzania Zanzibar 046 Tanzania Zanzibar 045 Tanzania Zanzibar 044 Tanzania Zanzibar 043 Tanzania Zanzibar 042 Tanzania Zanzibar 041 Tanzania Zanzibar 040 Tanzania Zanzibar 038 Tanzania Zanzibar 032 Tanzania Zanzibar 031

Tanzania Zanzibar 091

On the way back, we sailed the entire way. It was quite pleasant. Arrived back at our guest house, we prepared our stuff for our last night and dinner all together. We then went to Paje by Night for a drink or two.

Tanzania Zanzibar 019 Tanzania Zanzibar 018

August 15th – Transfer to Zanzibar

We all left early in the morning so that Benoît and Eloïse could catch their flight to France and Australia. As for us, we drove to our hotel in Stonetown to check in and drop our bags and then went on a Spice tour to discover some farm land around where they cultivate a range of spices for which Zanzibar is famous for.

Tanzania Zanzibar 047 Tanzania Zanzibar 048   Tanzania Zanzibar 112 Tanzania Zanzibar 110 Tanzania Zanzibar 109 Tanzania Zanzibar 108 Tanzania Zanzibar 111 Tanzania Zanzibar 055 Tanzania Zanzibar 056 Tanzania Zanzibar 054 Tanzania Zanzibar 053 Tanzania Zanzibar 052 Tanzania Zanzibar 051 Tanzania Zanzibar 050 Tanzania Zanzibar 049Tanzania Zanzibar 113

The tour was quite interesting and we bought couple of ingredient to do our own version of the delicious spice rice back at home. Could you guess what are the ingredients above? Among other, you should be able to identify Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg, and Vanilla. We even had some demonstrations of acrobatic skills by a guy climbing that huge coconut tree bare foot and doing some free style pose in the air, without too much of a safety net or fears.

After the spice tour, we went on foot exploring Stonetown. We were very surprised by the city that has a different feeling than all we have seen  in Tanzania so far. First by its people as it was predominantly Muslim and by its mixed Persian and Indian influence and architecture (doors especially). We went exploring on foot around town where scooters, bikes and people all shared narrow alleys and buzzing streets. We visited the slave markets (*sigh*) that was active until it was abolish early 1900, old churches and other crafts  markets.

Tanzania Zanzibar 137 Tanzania Zanzibar 136 Tanzania Zanzibar 135 Tanzania Zanzibar 123 Tanzania Zanzibar 122 Tanzania Zanzibar 121 Tanzania Zanzibar 120 Tanzania Zanzibar 119 Tanzania Zanzibar 118 Tanzania Zanzibar 117 Tanzania Zanzibar 116 Tanzania Zanzibar 096 Tanzania Zanzibar 094

Tanzania Zanzibar 061 Tanzania Zanzibar 059 Tanzania Zanzibar 067 Tanzania Zanzibar 066 Tanzania Zanzibar 065 Tanzania Zanzibar 064 Tanzania Zanzibar 060 Tanzania Zanzibar 069

We finished our walking tour at the city port for sunset. There was a lot of things going on, families hanging around, a night street food market, different people performing street acrobatics or music and the most interesting one some youth running and jumping off the ledge of the pier in the clear waters.

Tanzania Zanzibar 071 Tanzania Zanzibar 076 Tanzania Zanzibar 075 Tanzania Zanzibar 074 Tanzania Zanzibar 073 Tanzania Zanzibar 057 Tanzania Zanzibar 058 Tanzania Zanzibar 072 Tanzania Zanzibar 078 Tanzania Zanzibar 082 Tanzania Zanzibar 081 Tanzania Zanzibar 079

We had a couple of drinks looking at sunset and listening to Jazz music and then we had some fresh seafood. We came back early that night, pretty exhausted from the day of walking.

August 15th – Transfer to Zanzibar

We had breakfast on the roof top of the hotel we were at for our last day in Tanzania. Komivi left early in the morning for his flight back to Canada. Our flight was  scheduled for 1pm. We took the opportunity to see more of Stonetown and got back to serious business looking for the “precious”, that ring that I didn’t carry with me on the Kilimanjaro! Unless you looking for Tanzanite (a gem apparently unique to Tanzania), I couldn’t find anything nice enough for Gabby’s hand. Therefore I decided to pass on the opportunity for now and keep looking once we are in Singapore, the last leg of our journey.

Tanzania Zanzibar 084 Tanzania Zanzibar 083 Tanzania Zanzibar 088 Tanzania Zanzibar 087 Tanzania Zanzibar 086  Tanzania Zanzibar 097 Tanzania Zanzibar 090Tanzania Zanzibar 085

Tanzania Zanzibar 089Arrived at Zanzibar airport, the fun was over with all the chaos and the disorganization of the place. We also learned that our flight was delayed for initially 1 hour, that turned slowly into 2 hours and then 3 hours. That squeezed our time at Dar es Salaam for our international flight to Doha and Singapore but finally managed to make it okay. Well almost, as my luggage got lost when we arrived in Singapore!

Thanks for readings,

Pascal & Gabriela

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