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Last weekend we traveled for the second time to Victoria. This time to do a road trip on the Great Ocean Road, south west side of the second biggest city of Australia, Melbourne. Our original plan was to drive the Ocean road and then drive up to the Grampians National Park. Unfortunately, huge bush fire got the park closed so we change our mind! Like the last time, we had the pleasure to share the experience with Lorraine, a good friend living in Melbourne that I initially met in Vancouver back 8 years ago.

Like real Brissies, we woke up at 4:30am to drive to Brisbane airport. Our flight was at 7am. The flight was a little over two hours and we arrived around 10:15am. Lorraine picked us up and we directly drove through Geelong to the Ocean Drove were we had lunch. Food was really good and we walked along the beach to get a first glance at the sea south of Australia. Definitely, the water is not has warm as Queensland. We stopped by Bells Beach, a famous Australian beach for surf competition organised by Rip Curl and than some bush walking at Aireys Inlet.

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We continued driving along the beautiful Ocean Road and passed by Lorne in direction of Apollo Bay. Let me tell you that you better not be hungover to drive along this road! There are a lot of sharp curves, hills, and many tourist stopping abruptly. Sometime the road can be narrow, so you need your senses but what a feeling to drive! Could definitely imagine myself driving a convertible car there. It was around 6:30pm when we were near Apollo bay and we started looking for a place to stay online. Ops, nothing was available. Everything was sold out. We start calling from places to places until we found a motel in Timboon 2hours away from where we were. We continued driving and we passed by a place name Kookaburra Cottage where a sign was still displaying they have vacancy so we stopped to check it out. The place was awesome. Sea front, small kitchen, 2 beds, jacuzzi, etc. We took it! We then drove to town to replenish the little fridge and cooked some burgers over the BBQ. It was cool outside, around 12-15 degree (inside too), so we also did a fire in the fireplace. I was not thinking about doing this in Australia but it was great!!

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Great Ocean Road_44Next day we woke up slowly, and cooked breakkie on the barbie. Our plan was thereafter to drive to the famous iconic 12 Apostles, about an hour and half away from where we were. Our first stop was Cape Otway Lighthouse. The place is popular not much because of the Lighthouse but because of the wild Koalas you pass by through the forest. There was a lot of them. We stopped and took few shots of these interesting and cool creatures hanging up the Gum trees eating slowly eucalyptus leaves.

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Once we reached Port Campbell National Park, we stopped first at Gibson Steps to explore the beach on foot near 12 Apostles.  The site was simply breath taking. We spend maybe an hour walking on the beach, taking pictures and just enjoying the view. We then drove couple of kilometers to the main site station, with zillion of tourists! After all, it was Australia Day long weekend. Site was once again fantastic. After this we checked out 2 more sites, Loch Ard Gorge and Thundercave. We did some walking along the coast and checked the beach.  Waves were strong, the view was beautiful.

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We ate in Port Campbell  before driving back as it was already late and we didn’t had lunch. The food wasn’t that great unfortunately. We arrived around 8pm at the Cottage and it was still bright outside until 9pm. It is so good to enjoy long days instead of short evening (6:30pm-7:00pm) and early morning sun in Brisbane (4:45am). We had jacuzzi and slept early.

Next day we enjoyed the beach in front of the cottage and went swimming into the sea. It was cold! We packed up slowly and checked out around noon. Took few shots with the Cockatoos in the nice gardens well taken care by the very friendly owner. The plan for the day was to do few bush walking tracks in the Great Otway National Falls and more especially the Triplet Falls walk. We drove about 2 hours to reach the place and completed the nice walk in the very blush rainforest. Plenty of ferns and palms trees. Enjoyable walk. Afterward we stopped for a quick lunch and then took the road to drive back to Melbourne. Said goodbye to Lorraine and took our delayed flight at 8:30pm. We arrived late in at home in Brisbane, around 10:30pm and went straight to bed. What a great long weekend!

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Great Ocean Road_14 Great Ocean Road_13 Great Ocean Road_43 Great Ocean Road_42 Great Ocean Road_41

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Great Ocean Road_37Our recommendation, you have to put the Great Ocean Road on your bucket list.

Thanks for reading,

Pascal & Gabby

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